CAN Datalogging: A Quickstart Guide to Logging, Importing, and Analyzing Vehicle Data [On-Demand Webinar]

Learn how to use the Kvaser-ATI toolchain to log, import, and analyze vehicle CAN data.

The 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how to use a standalone CAN datalogger to record vehicle data and import that data into analysis software. Topics will cover logger configuration, DBC file usage, import/export process, file formats, and signal analysis. Bryan Hennessy (Kvaser Inc.) will teach the specifics of using Kvaser Memorator series products for CAN data recording, while ATI’s Maxwell Church will provide a tutorial on handling the data in the CANLab software.

Meet the Speakers

Bryan Hennessy


Bryan has a history in design engineering, applications engineering, project management and small business ownership, which all contribute to his knowledge in the electronics industry. Bryan’s time and training as a field applications engineer gave him the extensive knowledge in supporting electronic products as well as working with large strategic customers.

Maxwell Church


Max has a long history of technical sales and support experience. His debut in the automotive prototype testing and development industry began in 1991, and he has since worked in a wide variety of roles such as prototype build and instrumentation technician, purchasing, application engineer, and sales manager. Currently Max is a part of the business development team at ATI.

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