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Product “Pre-Release” Access for Technical Associates

If you are a Kvaser Technical Associate (TA), you have access to “Pre-Release” Products. As Kvaser prepares to release a new product, that product is made available for order by TAs. This is typically 8 – 12 weeks ahead of the product’s public release. The purpose is that a TA should have the opportunity to … Read More

Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN Media Package

This is the Kvaser Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN Media package. Below are download links for Datasheets, user guides, photos, and Declaration of Conformity. If you would like to order stock ahead of our public announcement, please contact us at [email protected] Click link to download file: Datasheet Declaration of Conformity User Guide Key Photo

Kvaser User Survey Data Released

Earlier this year, we invited over 20,000 CAN hardware users to share their opinion on the CAN hardware and software they use. Thanks to our survey takers, we know more about CAN users than we ever did before, and we’re happy to share the feedback with you. The Most Likely Person to Use CAN Hardware? An ... Read More

March 2017: Kvaser Marketing Update

Here’s a quick update on Kvaser’s latest marketing activities/deliverables: A new article, authored by Kent, has been published at Another is in process for Robotics & Automation News.   A TA Hardware/Software Bundle feature is being reviewed and validated. This feature will allow software partners to ‘bundle’ Kvaser hardware to create a package that … Read More

4 Ways to Promote Your Attendance at Events

We've updated the way Events are shown on  The reason is two-fold: - Promote our QSR and TA's attendence at events around the world. - Promote the field of CAN by giving visitors and customers more places to connect. Here are the four ways we're promoting events: (Don't see yourself listed on an event that you're ... Read More

Kvaser Software Release February 2017: Kvaser Releases All New Version of Device Manager

Kvaser has released software version v5.19 of the CANlib SDK. This release includes updates to the Kvaser Device Guide, Linux Driver and more. Kvaser Device Guide: All Kvaser hardware in one place In CANlib SDK (v5.19), a new tool called Kvaser Device Guide replaces the Kvaser Hardware program. Users can now visualize and set up ... Read More

Smartphone ‘tilt’ demo brings CAN to life

During the European TA/QSR Conference, Martin Henriksson, a software developer at Kvaser AB, demonstrated the advantages of Kvaser’s Blackbird v2 wireless interface combined with its REST API, available within Kvaser’s CANlib SDK. Participants were invited to tilt a phone to see sensor outputs track on a graph on the PC in almost real-time. Using the ... Read More

Kvaser QSR/TA Conference Hjortviken

The 2016 Kvaser QSR/TA Conference held at Hindås, Sweden brought together long-term members of the Kvaser family and many new faces. The event was a chance to review technology directions, collect product feedback, share new and emerging sales opportunities, update the Kvaser network on developments and most importantly, to network with new and existing partner ... Read More

Comparing CAN FD with Classical CAN

Our own Kent Lennartsson has released a paper comparing CAN FD with Classical CAN. The piece covers the basics of CAN FD and is recommended for engineers considering the transition from Classical CAN to CAN FD..

Kvaser Software Release September 2016: Single Shot Function Among CANlib’s Latest Features

Kvaser has just released CANlib 5.17, a major software update. This update adds lots of new features to CANlib for Windows and Linux. Single Shot Single Shot functionality has been added to CANlib for Windows and Linux to serve Kvaser’s Pro product range. In the CAN protocol, when a CAN frame is not transmitted successfully, the ... Read More