Memorator XML API (kvaMemoLibXML)


The kvaMemoLibXML is a library for converting XML settings to a binary param.lif for Kvaser Memorator 2nd Generation

The binary settings used by Kvaser Memorator 2nd Generation are extensive and an API that covers all possibilities would be very complex. A better approach is to use XML to describe the settings and parse them into a binary settings file with an external library.

The XML conversion results in a binary settings file, param.lif, that can be downloaded to a Kvaser Memorator 2nd Generation with the KvmLib API call kvmKmfWriteConfig().

Build an application

You will need to

#include kvaMemoLibXML.h

in your programs and link with kvamemolibxml.dll on Windows and with on Linux.

Where to go from here

For more details, see the module kvaMemoLibXML.