Memorator API (kvmlib)


The kvmlib is used to interact with Kvaser Memorator devices that can record CAN messages (E.g. Kvaser Memorator Professional 5xHS). You can download configuration data (e.g. triggers, filters, scripts) allowing you to disconnect the device from your computer, connect the device to a CAN bus and let it record the traffic autonomously. When done, you can reconnect the device with your computer and use kvmlib to get the recorded data.

Naming convention

The function calls in the Kvaser Memorator API all have names starting with kvm, e.g kvmDeviceOpen().

Build an application

You will need to

#include kvmlib.h

in your programs and link with kvmlib.dll on Windows and with on Linux.

On Windows kvmlib.dll is dependent on kvaMemoLib.dll, kvaMemoLib0600.dll and kvaMemoLib0700.dll.
On Linux is dependent on and

Where to go from here

For more details, see the module kvmlib.