J1587MessageInfo Struct Reference

#include <j1587lib.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char version
unsigned char flags
unsigned char frameDelay
union {
   unsigned char   checkSum
   unsigned char   retries
unsigned long timestamp
unsigned long frameLength
unsigned short bitrate
unsigned short reserved

Detailed Description

Field Documentation

◆ @1

union { ... }

◆ bitrate

unsigned short bitrate

Bitrate of the message in bits per second. Range [1000 .. 60000] (plus some margin)

◆ checkSum

unsigned char checkSum

Checksum as read from the J1587 bus. Might not match the data in case of J1587_CSUM_ERROR.

◆ flags

unsigned char flags

Miscellaneous flags

◆ frameDelay

unsigned char frameDelay

Frame delay in bit times (up to 255).

  • Read: Length of inter-frame delay.
  • Write: Delay before message transmission could begin.

◆ frameLength

unsigned long frameLength

Total frame length in microseconds; from the first start bit to the end of the checksum.

◆ reserved

unsigned short reserved


◆ retries

unsigned char retries

Number of retries before message could be transmitted.

◆ timestamp

unsigned long timestamp

Timestamp in ms of the reception/transmission completion of the checksum. Uses the canlib CAN timer.

◆ version

unsigned char version

To enable future extensions of this structure (see J1587LIB_VERSION).

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