MathWorks supports growing MDF file sizes

4月 ago by Vanessa Knivett

Increasingly, the measurement and calibration process creates ‘big data’ sets, with users finding themselves having to scan thousands of files to identify problems. Hence the opportunity to do this automatically, within an existing MDF-capable analysis program.

MathWorks’ Vehicle Network Toolbox (VNT) provides connectivity to CAN devices from MATLAB® and Simulink® using industry-standard CAN database files. Once information is read into MATLAB, users can combine information from MAT, MDF, Excel, and other sources within a single workflow.

According to Jaremy Pyle, MathWorks’ lead engineer for VNT: “We are targeting our MDF feature to scale for big data with flexible interfaces that enable users to process large amount of data in variable chunks, including options for parallel processing. Additional investment is happening to support more big data and cloud-based processing MDF file workflows.”

As an ASAM standard, Kvaser has supported the MDF log file format for many years. We recently announced support for MDF V4 when extracting files from Kvaser’s Memorator range.  The Memorator Professional series supports SD and MMC cards with sizes ranging from 32 MB up to 2 GB.

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