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TEXYS, founded by Etienne Deméocq, former head of a Formula 1 team’s electronics department, has nearly 20 years' experience in the development of high technology sensors.Under the TEXENSE brand name, TEXYS designs, manufactures and distributes a range of sensors for racing, automotive and industrial applications:Infrared temperature sensors (for tyre and brake disc)Thermocouple amplifiers (patented)Accelerometers and gyroscopesStrain gauge bonding + amplifiers (push rods, gear lever…)Pitot sensors and differential pressure sensorsTEXYS is renowned for product reliability and accuracy and is consequently called upon to work with major professional teams and manufacturers. The company has been working with motor sports professionals since 1999 and is involved in all the main international motor racing championships: Formula1, MotoGP, WRC, Nascar IRL, Le Mans Series...Our multi-expertise set up enables us to work on the customised development of specific analogue and digital sensors.Our products are distributed through a network of agents and through our subsidiary in the United States.




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