Discontinued CAN chips

These chips have been, or are being, discontinued for various reasons.

Note: This is by no means a complete list.


Philips: 82C200 (replaced by SJA1000)

The archetype for the “Basic CAN” controller. Implements CAN 1.0 and has a UART-like interface. The programmer has access to one transmit buffer and one double-buffered receive buffer. This chip was discontinued during 1997 and it is too late to order it when you read this! Available in SO-28 and DIP-28. The SJA1000 datasheet is a good substitute however.

Philips: 82C150 “SLIO”

82C150 (the SLIO; it’s in “maintenance status” already and is not recommended for new designs).

Philips: 82C250

Rumours about the demise of the 82C250 CAN bus driver has been floating around. These rumours are not true.

Philips: 8×592, 8×598

Contrary to earlier messages, Philips Semiconductors has now decided not to discontinue the four chips mentioned below. Philips says that they has recognized a strong demand for CAN microcontrollers and that’s why they intend to continue the current types, 80C592, 83C592, 80CE598, 83CE598 beyond the year 2000.

“Important to our customers is the message that we no longer intend to
phase-out the existing types before suitable successors are in place.”

The masked version will remain but are not recommended for new designs. Hatteland, a large distributor of Philips devices, says that “A replacement is the upcoming 16-bit micro XA-G3”.

Philips Semiconductors has earlier announced that they will discontinue the following CAN chips:

  • P87C592
  • P87CE598