Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are a fast-growing part of the automotive market. Bosch expects that 85 to 90 million cars will be produced worldwide in 2015, of which there will be about five million hybrids and about 500,000 electric cars.

Kvaser supplies CAN interfaces and dataloggers for connection to high and low speed CAN, as well as LIN bus (local interconnect network), an inexpensive serial bus that is typically used for mechatronic nodes in a car. We are also working to meet interface needs for the emerging CAN-FD standard, which is now in development. In the future, a combination of CAN-FD and Ethernet will satisfy an ever increasing requirement for speed and bandwidth from new automotive features such as advanced driver assistance systems, parking aids and blind-spot detection. Meanwhile, LIN bus and standard CAN is likely to see application in automotive and other vehicle networks in 50 years from now!

Recent Articles

CAKE: a dirt bike with a difference

09/12/2020 | Application case studies

CAKE’s electric off-road motorbikes rely on Kvaser CAN to USB interfaces for after-sales VCI. Everything about CAKE involves a complete… Read More

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CAN, CAN FD, and LIN Network Analysis In One Tool From Warwick

08/04/2020 | News

Warwick Control Technologies has released a new version of the powerful network analysis tool X-Analyser (version 3.12.0).  This now provides… Read More

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Electric towbar-less tractor for maneuvering aircraft uses Kvaser for CAN

14/10/2019 | Application case studies

Responding to legislation, the aircraft industry’s move to minimize ground-based greenhouse gas emissions and ensure better air-quality within airport environs… Read More

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