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CAN FD Tech Days in Detroit, San Jose and Chicago, USA

Come along to hear about the latest CAN FD developments, answer your CAN FD questions, exchange views and network with CAN FD experts.

Easy Loopback Testing with the Kvaser T-cannector v2 and CanKing

On a CAN HS (High Speed) network, you cannot just send a write command or receive command to the CAN interface. CAN requires the network to have at least two active nodes for successful communication.

Kvaser introduces the T-cannector v2 CAN hub

With 3 female and 1 male D-SUB9 connectors, the Kvaser T-cannector V2 is a hub/splitter that provides adjustable CAN termination and an external power source to the network.

Kvaser supports emerging autonomous systems market

Bobby Hambrick’s background is as an automation engineer. It was whilst working on industrial robotic projects that he recognised the potential of the emerging market in autonomous systems.

Get more from your hardware with Kvaser SDK libraries [Archived]

This is an archived version of this Dev Blog. For a more current description of the Kvaser SDK libraries, read the updated: Get more from your hardware with Kvaser SDK libraries. If you want to develop your own application that interacts with your Kvaser device, you need to download the software development kit, Kvaser CANlib SDK . Inside the SDK ... Read More

Industry’s First 5-channel Programmable Interface and Datalogger

2nd February 2015 - Kvaser AB has introduced a 5 channel high-speed controller area network (CAN) to USB interface and datalogger that allows users to monitor and log data from multiple CAN channels using just one device. The Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS not only time synchronises the data transmitted and received across all five buses ... Read More

ATI India speeds delivery of Kvaser interfaces

Confirming the popularity of Kvaser’s Leaf Light v2 interface, ATI India has announced that it is now holding stock of the device, with plans to stock a wider range of products, such as Leaf Professional, USBcan Professional and Memorator Professional as demand for these products increases from local customers. Commenting on the decision, Ansarulla Shariff, … Read More

Kvaser AB appoints Marketing Director

Kvaser AB has promoted Jesse Paliotto from Business Development Manager to Marketing Director. “Over the last three years, Jesse has developed an in-depth knowledge of Kvaser’s products and the diverse industries they serve. With his business acumen, organisational flair and strong communication skills, Jesse will ensure Kvaser’s marketing efforts maximise value from our R&D investment … Read More

Coming Soon: 5 Channel Programmable Datalogger

Industry’s first 5 channel programmable interface and datalogger is imminent. Kvaser AB will shortly launch a 5 channel high-speed controller area network (CAN) to USB interface and datalogger. Equipped with Kvaser MagiSync technology, the device will automatically time synchronise the data transmitted and received between multiple interfaces connected to the same PC, resulting in simpler and more ... Read More

Video: Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide

The Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide helps you get up and running on Kvaser's series of CAN dataloggers, including: • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS • Kvaser Memorator R Semipro • Kvaser's soon-to-be-release 5-Channel datalogger... The Quick Start Guide covers all the topics needed to record data using the Kvaser datalogger. ... Read More