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Management changes at Kvaser AB

Effective from 1st September 2015, Sven Sandén, will take over the role of Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales and Silvia Küller has been promoted to become Head of European Sales. The management changes follow the departure of Michael Odälv, who leaves to become CEO at ArcCore.

Memorator 5xHS CB unveiled

The Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS CB has now launched. It is supplied without a housing and can thus be built into any system, whilst five CAN channels allows users to monitor and log data from multiple CAN channels using just one device.

Formula SAE team transform data gathering with Kvaser interfaces

A team from the Chihuahua Institute of Technology in Mexico who are participating in Formula SAE are using a Kvaser CAN bus interface to transform their data gathering process. As part of Kvaser’s University Sponsorship programme, The Panteras (Panther) Racing Team have been supplied with a Kvaser Blackbird SemiPro HS/HS, a CAN-over-WiFi interface that allows the … Read More

Introduction to Environment Variables (1 of 3)

An introduction to the environment variable and examples showing how they can be used in a t program.

Kvaser to participate in CAN FD Tech Day in Shanghai, China

The latest incarnation of the Controller Area Network (CAN), CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD)**, has now reached Committee Draft status.

Setting Up CANlib for Visual Studio

This is the first post in a 3-part series about CANlib development: Setting up CANlib in Visual Studio Basic API Calls Event Driven Applications Intro Welcome to our guide on how to setup a Visual Studio C# project to use the Kvaser CANlib Software Development Kit. Before beginning please make sure that you’ve installed CANlib and ... Read More

Kvaser launches four channel PCI Express to CAN card that is our fastest yet

Kvaser has introduced a high speed CAN network card that adds four high speed CAN channels to any standard computer board with PCI Express capability.

The CAN handle vs channel number

When writing "Was that the CANlib channel number or Card Number?", I got a comment asking for clarification about the difference between the CanHandle and channel number since they can both start at zero. A CAN channel is opened using the function canOpenChannel() in CANlib, passing the channel number as the first argument. CanHandle handle; ... Read More

Examining logged data with kvmlib and Python

This blog uses now deprecated functions, see blog "Improved API in Python canlib v1.5" for more information. Today we take a look at how to read logged data and how to relate the data to our watch using kvmlib. We do this by recording some sample data and then try and analyze it using the Python wrapper. ... Read More

Kvaser Presenting at CiA’s CAN FD Tech Days Europe

Come along to hear about the latest CAN FD developments, answer your CAN FD questions, exchange views and network with CAN FD experts.

Download the CAN FD presentation.