Accurate Technologies

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Accurate Technologies Inc. is an independent global supplier of control system development tools. ATI’s portfolio of hardware and software products provides easy to use, customizable solutions to accelerate controls system design, rapid prototyping, in-vehicle calibration and network analysis. Its core products include CANLab, a multi-bus network analysis tool, and VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition software, a single tool solution for ECU development. 

ATI focuses on customer needs and quality products. Quality is insured through onsite ISO-9000 manufacturing at ATI’s world headquarters in Wixom, Michigan.  Customer support is provided around the world with ATI subsidiary offices in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, and India. Distributors support other markets, including China, Korea, and Italy.


Bus Analysis

CANLab Network Analysis Software

ATI's CANLab Network Analysis Software is used to monitor messages and signals generated on a Controller Area Network (CAN). ATI's CANLab transforms bus analysis. CANLab…

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VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition Software

ATI VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition Software is an integrated calibration and data measurement solution that collects signals from Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and external…

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Rapid Prototyping

No-Hooks Rapid Prototyping Software

No-Hooks is ATI’s innovative software-centric method of rapid prototyping that provides Electronic Control Unit (ECU) rapid prototyping functionality on the production-intent ECU without the need…

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