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Diadrom shall be the option for Diagnostics of AutotechDiadrom provides a broad portfolio of embedded software and IT applications. The portfolio helps customers to develop reliable diagnostic processes and to carry out diagnostics of products realized by embedded software and life cycle management systems:

  • Diadrom Autotech Bootloader (DAB) - the Bootloader for Autotech
  • Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack (DCS) - the communication stack for UDS and other protocols.
  • Diadrom Encrypt - the cyber security technology stack for Autotech.
  • Diadrom Dolphin - The most intelligent tool for fully automatized software verification.
  • Diadrom Diag Studio® - the OEM aftermarket tool for Autotech.

Moreover, Diadrom is the leading company within Diagnostics of Autotech and we conduct projects at customers premises or at the Diadrom office. We offer expert consulting services for optimizing product development, processes, and tools for life cycle management.

Our long experience in the Diagnostics area is re-used in our solutions and shared to assure quality in all our efforts. Autotech reliability is our mission.



Diadrom Autotech Bootloader

Diadrom Autotech Bootloader is lightweight and highly customizable for the customer needs. Diadrom Autotech Bootloader has been developed during several software development and production projects for…

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Diadrom Encrypt

Diadrom Encrypt is an embedded software component that implements customer specific cyber security concepts. In today’s vehicles, the requirements for a robust cyber security implementation…

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Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack

Diadrom Diagnostic Communication Stack is an embedded software component designed to handle the on-board communication of ECUs together with basic diagnostics in a modern vehicle.Easy…

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Diadrom Dolphin

Diadrom Dolphin is a tool for fully automated software verification. One of the most important challenges in product development today is the shortening of lead times.…

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Diadrom Diag Studio

Diadrom Diag Studio is an off-board diagnostics product suite. Diag Studio is initially developed to support customers, where the customer product fit the following characteristics:Governed…

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