port industrial automation GmbH

port industrial automation GmbH develops high-performance standard products, as well as customized, client-specific fieldbus-oriented solutions, which meet customer requirements.

port industrial automation GmbH both offers products and delivers the right support for handling, application engineering and implementation of CAN/CANopen, PROFINET, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT and Ethernet POWERLINK projects. To achieve that goal, port GmbH offer engineering services, trainings and assistance for the initial operation.

To meet these expectations and to provide our products, the support and our engineering services all over the world, they have existing partnership agreements or distribution contracts with companies in Germany, Europe and the USA.


CANopen Tool

CANopen Master/Slave Protocol Library

The CANopen Library provides all required services for a CANopen compliant communication according to the communication profile CiA 301 V 4.2. It facilitates easy and…

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CANopen Tool

CANopen Driver Packages

The CANopen Driver Packages (DP) provide access to the hardware of the CANopen Library of port. The Driver Packages are the keys for the usage…

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CANopen Tool

CANopen Design Tool

With the CANopen Design Tool a powerful tool is available, which frees the developer from error-prone and repetitive tasks. It guarantees the consistency of the…

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CANopen Tool

CANopen Device Monitor

The CANopen Device Monitor is a CANopen Master tool for the graphical inspection and configuration of CANopen devices in a CANopen network. The embedded scripting…

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Bus Analysis


The CAN-Analyzer CAN-REport is an efficient and versatile tool for analysis and commissioning of CAN-based networks according CAN 2.0A and 2.0B, like CANopen and DeviceNet.…

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System Development

GOAL - Generic Open Abstraction Layer

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