Zuragon Technologies LTD

Zuragon was founded in 2007 by world experts in the design, development and testing of vehicle networks.  The company has developed and markets a unique test environment that synchronously captures vehicle test data (e.g., CAN/J1939, diagnostics, proprietary) along with numerous multimedia sources; GPS, acoustics, multiple video sources both internal and external to the cab, measurement equipment, thermal, eye tracking, biosensors, etc.  

Powerful post analysis reveals correlations between and amongst the sources.  The results are used to advance our customers’  product design, development, durability and safety.  Vehicle OEMs and suppliers depend on ViCANdo to “capture everything” then perform analytics for the GB of of synchronous Big Data.  Zuragon’s vehicle test software is optimized for use with Kvaser CAN hardware interface products.




Engineers appreciate ViCANdo’s extremely open architecture.  The JavaScript open API allows engineers to develop powerful scripts for data triggering, filtering and post analysis.  ViCANdo’s open…

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