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Coming Soon: 5 Channel Programmable Datalogger

Industry’s first 5 channel programmable interface and datalogger is imminent. Kvaser AB will shortly launch a 5 channel high-speed controller area network (CAN) to USB interface and datalogger. Equipped with Kvaser MagiSync technology, the device will automatically time synchronise the data transmitted and received between multiple interfaces connected to the same PC, resulting in simpler and more ... Read More

Video: Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide

The Memorator Professional Quick Start Guide helps you get up and running on Kvaser's series of CAN dataloggers, including: • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/HS • Kvaser Memorator Professional HS/LS • Kvaser Memorator R Semipro • Kvaser's soon-to-be-release 5-Channel datalogger... The Quick Start Guide covers all the topics needed to record data using the Kvaser datalogger. ... Read More

ATI’s Tools Build World’s First High Performance Diesel Marine Outboard Engine

Amsterdam:- ATI Sweden AB customer Cimco Marine Diesel AB is set to launch the world’s first high performance, high efficiency marine outboard diesel engine, the OXE, at the METS Trade exhibition show, at 10.30am on the 18th November 2014. Cimco’s patented design for the OXE embodies a robust belt propulsor unit that eliminates bevel gears ... Read More

New Qualified Sales Representative: Measurement Instruments

Kvaser is pleased to announce the recent Qualified Sales Representative agreement with Measurement Instruments ( Measurement Instruments is a Manufacturers Representative specializing in Test & Measurement Instrumentation, Sensors, Power Supplies & Analyzers, Data Acquisition, Calibration & Standards, BUS Analyzers and Industrial PC Solutions. With a long history in the business and a combined group of ... Read More

Kvaser Sponsors Chinook ETS Wind-Powered Car

Update: Kvaser has released the updated Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2. For more information, click here. The Chinook ETS scientific club's purpose is to design a wind propelled vehicle with the ability to drive into a headwind.  Based at École de technologie supérieure University, in Montreal, Canada, the Chinook team competes each year at the international event Racing Aeolus in Holland. ... Read More

Kvaser Leaf interfaces sync CAN log files in Kollmorgen’s automated test rigs

Kvaser’s technical associate, rt-labs, helped Kollmorgen build an automated test system for regression testing of their AGV control systems using Kvaser Leaf interfaces to sync CAN log files.

Kvaser announces “End of Life” on three products

Kvaser flags products "End of Life" when we receive End of Life notices on critical components.  When this happens, we always provide a new, updated replacement part.  Invariably, we also continue to carry the old part for a short time in order to serve existing customers of that product line. If you are a customer ... Read More

Dual CAN channel mini PCI Express-compatible network card announced

Kvaser is pleased to announce a highly integrated CAN add-on board that supplements any standard computer board with mini PCI Express capability with two high speed controller area network (CAN) channels.

Kvaser launches application-specific versions of the Leaf Light v2

Kvaser AB, is pleased to announce application-specific versions of its highly popular Leaf Light v2 interface. In addition to a bare board version for embedded applications, Kvaser now has tailored versions of the Leaf Light v2 for various vehicle diagnostic applications.

Kvaser makes an FPGA-based CAN FD controller available for testing

Kvaser has developed a new CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD) controller in a step towards providing CAN FD compatible CAN interfaces and dataloggers in its product range.