News and Events

CAKE: a dirt bike with a difference

CAKE’s electric off-road motorbikes rely on Kvaser CAN to USB interfaces for after-sales VCI.

Dependable Diagnostics for the Endurance Specialists

RA Consulting’s advanced diagnostic software and Kvaser hardware power automotive endurance testing operations at Audi’s test facility in Neckarsulm.

Introducing an ideal pairing for CAN & LIN bus development

Pairing K2L’s OptoLyzer® Studio with Kvaser’s flexible Hybrid 2xCAN/LIN interface achieves a capable, cost-effective solution for CAN, CAN FD and LIN bus testing.

FSAE Electric Racecar Team discovers the value of CAN

Zips Racing Electric (ZRE) upgrades from analog to CAN to handle pedal sensors, ECU and motor inverter communication.

Finnish rally team use CAN data analysis to develop their race strategy

Finnish rally team Vuotari Racing is using detailed CAN analysis to provide post-test evaluations of the car’s performance and detailed driver feedback.

Electric towbar-less tractor for maneuvering aircraft uses Kvaser for CAN

Kalmar Motor AB, based in Kalmar, Sweden, was one of the first companies to develop electric tow-barless tractors (TBLT).

CAN in design and test: From the lab to field test, and back again

A CAN interface or CAN logger can play an important part within an iterative test routine.

Oil & Gas Down-Hole Systems Using Kvaser’s Rugged CAN Devices

Erdos-Miller uses CAN for real-time control on their highly precise directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing equipment.

Calming the seas with Seakeeper and the power of CAN

For non-boating experts, it may be a surprise to learn that boats don’t have to make that seasickness-inducing roll anymore!

Cutting edge wireless solution supports pipe handling innovation

LaValley is transforming the task of pipe handling with the help of our Kvaser Blackbird CAN interface.