Can I use a Kvaser interface on my CANopen/J1939/Devicenet bus?

11/08/2017 by Kvaser

As long as it is CAN based, yes.

The CAN standard defines the hardware (“the physical layer” – there are several) and the communication on a basic level (“the data link layer”). In order to manage the communication within a system, a higher layer protocol (HLP) is commonly required. Our interfaces work on the raw CAN level, and any HLP can be used on top of that.

Read more about higher layer protocols here:

Depending on which HLP you need to work with, you have a number of options.

* Implementing it yourself, using our API CANlib.

* Find the right software tool. Kvaser has a number of prominent Technical Associates (TA), who has tools, and domain knowledge, for a number of different areas. Find your software here: