Kvaser exhibits CAN FD solution at CAN FD Tech Day Europe

22/08/2013 by Kvaser

Kvaser became the first independent third-party supplier of CAN FD modules to present a solution communicating with a Bosch CAN FD evaluation board last week. After setting the bit-timing registers, Kvaser’s hardware manager Kent Lennartsson got Kvaser’s fpga implementation to work with Bosch’s demonstrator first time.

The demonstration took place at the first CAN FD Technical Day, held in Detroit, Michigan. CAN FD is an update to the CAN standard that will extend bandwidth well beyond its current limits of 1 MBit/s and 8 bytes per frame. A first draft of the specification was only published in March 2012. As one of the first companies to support the CAN ecosystem when the original specification was first published in 1986, Kvaser is committed to supporting CAN FD, a development that will ensure CAN’s future as a communications protocol for several more decades and beyond.