Firmware Update

Video Transcript

In order to run the firmware update procedure, the firmware update tool must be run twice. First time, the carrier board is updated. The second time, the submodules are updated by the carrier boards.

Just to be sure, it is wise to run it a third time.

Make sure to view the lesson, Checking Firmware, before updating your units.

You will need the following software downloads in order to update your units: the Kvaser Driver for Windows, the Kvaser CANlib SDK, the Kvaser Firmware Update Tool.

You can find all of them at

Install the Driver and CANlib, then restart if needed. Once you have successfully installed these, then install the Firmware Update Tool.

Please note, it is possible to update a standalone SE400 module, but it is not possible to update any standalone DIO, RIO or AIO modules. You must have an SE400 module connected to be able to update the DIO, RIO and AIO modules. You can connect up to four DIO, RIO and AIO modules in any combination when updating. All modules must be powered according to the user guide. Please use a high quality power supply when updating, it’s possible to restart an interrupted update, but it might cause unwanted troubles.

For more information on power connection, see the lesson, Connecting Power.

All right, let’s update your Kvaser DIN Rail SE400S-X10.

First, install your SE400 in your network. Check the user guide for instructions, if needed. Then, check the serial number of your SE400 and make a note of that. You’ll need that later possibly. Open ‘Kvaser Device Guide’ on your computer. Go to the menu item ‘Tools’ and select ‘Network Device Selector’. Find your interface, identifying it by serial number and press the ‘Connect’ button.

Now you are ready to upgrade the firmware. Run the ‘Kvaser Firmware Update Tool’ and follow the instructions in the dialogue boxes. Note, please remember to run the tool twice to make sure that all modules are updated correctly. This is needed even if the modules seem to already be updated.

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