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Die Actronic-Solutions GmbH ist Ihr unabhängiger Partner für elektrische Aktuatoren. Zu unserem Produktspektrum gehören Servomotoren und Schrittmotoren, sowie Voice-Coil-Aktuatoren, Drehmagnete und Hubmagnete und deren Ansteuerungen und Vernetzung. Dazu bieten wir Ihnen ausgewählte Produkte verschiedener Partner, die wir mit Ihnen zu Lösungspaketen für Ihre Anwendung bis hin zur Einbindung der Bewegungsachse in die Gesamtsteuerung zusammenstellen.

Als zweites Standbein führen wir elektromechanische und rein mechanische Komponenten, z.B. Elektrohaftmagnete, Schlingfederkupplungen, Schleifringe und Konstantmomentscharniere.

Wir erarbeiten mit unseren Partnern auch gerne kundenspezifische Lösungen für Sie - Actronic-Solutions!

The Actronic-Solutions GmbH is your independent partner for electrical actuators. We offer a comprehensive range of servo and stepper motors, voice coil actuators, rotary and linear solenoids and the according drives and controls. We combine products of selected partners as a package to provide solutions up to the connection into the control system for your applications.

Additionally we offer a range of electro mechanic al and purely mechanical components, such as electromagnets, wrap spring clutches, slip rings and constant torque hinges.

We also work with our partners to provide custom solutions for your application - Actronic-Solutions!



Meet Kvaser at Bauma 2022

Come and meet Kvaser staff and Kvaser technical associates at Bauma 2022, which takes place in Munich, Germany between 24th and 30th October. Bauma is the leading international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment, key users of CAN technology.  As a long-time member of CAN in...

Actronic Solutions at Stuttgart’s MedtechLive Show, 3 – 5 May

From 3rd to 5th of May 2022, Actronic-Solutions GmbH will be in Hall 10, booth 10-603 to present Kvaser’s PCIe and Mini PCI Express CAN cards, among other products suited to medical system design. Actronic, a long-time Kvaser QSR, considers that Kvaser’s products are particularly well-suited to medical and industrial applications, meeting their long wish...

An innovative modular robotic manipulator relies on CAN interfaces for drive control

A project to modularize a manipulator for use in space uses Kvaser hardware, Copley Controls' servo drives and support from Actronic Solutions, both Kvaser technical associates




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