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Kvaser works with CAN bus software providers to offer a complete CAN solution. Combining Kvaser hardware with one of our Technical Associate’s software creates a powerful, tailored solution for your application and your market.
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Bus Analysis

Monitor and analyze CAN messages on the bus.  Check error codes, bus speed, and more.


Software and tools use to measure and fine tune CAN bus systems with precision.


Software libraries and software specializing in the CANopen protocol, widely used in the Industrial Automation market and beyond.

Data Acquisition

Software for data management and analysis in real-time and post-measurement. Some packages include provision for gathering video, gps and data from other sensors.


Tools for developing diagnostic functionality in any system, including ECUs. These include pre-generated diagnostic software components that will help developers and engineers to create reliable diagnostic functions and sequences that work throughout the test chain.

ECU Development

Development platforms that enable the design of automotive subsystems, up to entire ECU networks.

Protocol Stack

Software libraries for developing CANopen slave or master devices. Available in C-code and supporting a range of MCUs, these stacks are proven in the field.

System Development

Software packages that aid in the development of high-quality systems for automation, automotive, and systems integration.



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