KVASER CANlib and Python Part 3: U100 & Python Highlights

In this small guide we will explain how the LEDs on the U100 works and how to use them. Writer: Anton Carlsson,  Software Developer Cowriter: L-G Fredriksson, Field Application Engineer Version: 2021-08-09A Who should read this? This guide is meant for those who want to setup and use a Kvaser CAN interface with CANlib and...

January 6, 2023 Logan Via
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Comparing the new Kvaser U100 with the Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2

My aim is to show how much faster than new Kvaser U100/U100P interfaces are, when compared to Kvaser’s existing Leaf interface product line.

January 26, 2022 Lars-Göran Fredriksson
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