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  • Can I migrate from Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 to Kvaser U100?

    The Kvaser U100 supports all features that the Kvaser Leaf Light HS v2 can handle. Normally no adjustments of the software is needed.

  • Can I Migrate from Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 to Kvaser U100P?

    The Kvaser U100P supports all features that the Kvaser Leaf Pro can handle except one; the U100P does not support t programs.

  • If I change Kvaser USB interfaces, do I need new Drivers and SDK?

    All Kvaser interfaces share the same Drivers and SDK package. A software that has been written for the Kvaser Leaf light or Kvaser Leaf Pro can often be used with Kvaser U100 and Kvaser U100P without any changes. (But it is never wrong to update/recompile the software with the latest Kvaser SDK).

  • Why is the Kvaser U100 faster than Kvaser Leaf Light and Leaf Pro?

    Internally: The Kvaser U100 uses a much more powerful processor compared to the Kvaser Pro and Light interfaces. Even though it is more powerful, it still consumes less power.

    Externally: The USB communication is much more optimized, both in the Kvaser U100 hardware and also in the Kvaser Drivers. There is no need to do any smart “repacking and bundling” of the CAN frames as the Kvaser U100 has the capacity to handle both USB and CAN communication at the same time.

  • U100 uses USB2, will it be faster if it uses USB3 in the future?

    Switching to USB3 will probably not give the interface higher throughput. USB2 is a very reliable communication method that fulfills the requirements we have today and for many years to come. Most of the communication delay is caused by the computer, by the interface circuits and the CPU.

  • Does the Kvaser U100 require a fast host computer?

    The Kvaser U100 will run on almost any hardware. With no repacking and bundling in the USB communication, the Kvaser U100 creates more USB packets when compared to a Kvaser Leaf Pro or Leaf Light. The load on the host CPU will be higher, so it is recommended that the host application has access to enough CPU cores. The Kvaser U100 also requires USB controllers and hubs that are quick and have adequate capacity. (Almost all PCs sold in the last 5 years will have the proper capacity).