Udoka Electronics joins Kvaser’s TA network

25/02/2021 by Kvaser

Udoka Electronics, an independent software provider based in the Gothenburg region, has joined Kvaser’s TA network. Founded by Olof Wolgast, Udoka Electronics’ software tools are the product of his many years of experience developing embedded control systems or ECUs for the likes of Volvo and GM.

‘Efficient and intuitive’ is how Wolgast describes Sumac, a new calibration and measurement tool that can be used throughout the design cycle.

Sumac lacks the overhead of 20-years of complicated user requests and software development – it isn’t overengineered and is fast to learn,” says Wolgast, who in addition to automotive OEMS and suppliers considers research institutes and small companies developing machinery with embedded control systems e.g., two and three-wheel vehicles, golf carts, electric lawnmowers, chainsaws etc, as ideal potential customers.

Udoka’s first software suite, Acam, automates A2L creation from C/C++, merge, address update and filter. Both packages can be used independently, fitting into existing toolchains, but they also work well together with Sumac automatically reloading the latest A2L file produced by Acam – useful when building rapid prototypes or with a team working according to agile processes.

For more information, please visit udokaelectronics.com.