Kvaser AB welcomes three key appointees

16/09/2022 by Kvaser
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Kvaser AB welcomes three new members of staff. Anna-Lena Lööf joins Kvaser as Marketing Director. Gunnar Torstensson takes over the position of Sales Manager, Kvaser Europe, whilst Johnny Fornstedt is Kvaser’s new Supply Chain Director.

With over 20 years of experience in leadership and supply chain management, Johnny Fornstedt joins Kvaser from the marine industry where he oversaw a supply chain during a period of exponential growth. Anna-Lena Lööf moves from a Swedish industrial company with a global brand and similar reseller model to Kvaser, where she was also marketing director. Gunnar Torstensson comes from a service engineering background where he was responsible for test and calibration. Gunnar takes over from Silvia Küller, who remains with Kvaser as a member of the European sales team.

Martin Sventén, Kvaser’s CEO commented: “Getting these key positions in place during the summer prepares us to tackle the latter half of 2022 with renewed energy and determination. We have the full spectrum of skills and talent in-house to not just advance, but to lead the way.”

Get to know our new staff

Kvaser’s existing and new staff participate regularly at exhibitions and Kvaser’s annual QSR/TA Conference. However, in the event that you don’t get to meet our new employees soon, we’ve asked them to tell you more about themselves and how they’ll complement our team.

Johnny Fornstedt, Supply Chain Director (inc. a supply chain update) >

Anna-Lena Lööf, Marketing Director >

Gunnar Torstensson, Sales Manager, Kvaser Europe >

Anna-Lena Lööf, Marketing Director

What attracted you to Kvaser?
The management team and the people. There’s a genuinely caring atmosphere that’s evident from the moment you step through the door.

Tell us three things Kvaser TAs & QSRs should know about you.
My previous employer has the same reseller model, so I have an appreciation for the challenges and opportunities resellers face. I have been working closely with resellers all over the world and participated in worldwide trade shows, so events together with a strong branding experience are something that I enjoy and see as vital to support. My experience also includes IT systems for retail, visual merchandising and sales, so partners can expect me to be very hands on with focus on sales and digital driven marketing activities!  

Adrenaline seeker or Zen Buddha: What are your hobbies/interests?
My hobbies include sailing and hosting parties/event planning. I love trying new activities, so I am more adrenaline-seeker than zen-like!

Gunnar Torstensson, European Sales Manager, Kvaser Europe

What attracted you to Kvaser?
Martin and 7DD’s energy and enthusiasm were contagious. I could immediately see where my experience could add value. 

Tell us three things Kvaser TAs & QSRs should know about you.
Before Kvaser, I managed a team of test engineers in an engineering consultancy and held account management responsibility. In that way, I can put myself ‘in the shoes’ of many partners, who answer to customers directly. I also understand their focus on retaining and growing long-term relationships with customers, so intend to work closely and strengthen communication with TAs and QSRs. Finally, service engineering exposes you to a wide array of industries, so understanding and growing new revenue streams will be on my agenda.

What are your hobbies/interests?
Sports in the main! I coach an amateur football team and also play golf. Music is another hobby and I play to be creative or just to let off steam.

Johnny Fornstedt, Supply Chain Director

What attracted you to Kvaser, an electronics company, during one of the biggest semiconductor crises the industry has faced so far?!
Well, I like a challenge and I was attracted to the size of the company. I like to work in an environment where I can make a difference. The most important reason, however, was how Martin presented the future of the company and the possibilities for growth and development based on the strength of the brand and the team at Kvaser.

Tell us three things Kvaser TAs & QSRs should know about you.
I have held similar roles for the last 20 years in manufacturing, renewables and lately, marine. In my last job, surging demand for products led to a 20-fold sales growth in three years, so I am used to the ups and downs of an industry and to situations that change fast. Whilst electronics components are new to me, shortages in nickel, chrome etc. are typical of the challenges I have already experienced.

A message on Kvaser’s current supply chain situation.
There were some positive developments last month, so I am ‘carefully positive’. There’s progress in our internal projects to redesign certain key products, combined with a ramp up of manufacturing and the delivery of certain U100 components. Our sales team is already communicating with customers with pre orders that can be fulfilled soon.   

Adrenaline seeker or Zen Buddha: What are your hobbies/interests?
I enjoy outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, scuba diving, fishing and golf. During the darker months of the year, I also play Badminton to keep fit, so I am definitely more of an active, adrenaline-seeker.