Kvaser’s Ethercan: The Simplest CAN-to-Ethernet Connectivity Solution

20/03/2017 by Kvaser
Ethernet connectivity

Meet the Ethercan Light HS, Kvaser’s answer to the complex CAN-to-Ethernet connectivity gateways available in today’s market. This device, capable of being linked via the internet through an Ethernet-connected PC, allows users to access CAN data from anywhere in the world. Kvaser’s Ethercan also offers “Internet of Things” communication capabilities between CAN products, making CAN and Ethernet more compatible than ever before.

Advantages of the Ethercan Light HS

While USB has traditionally been the method for CAN bus data transmission, the inability to access this data remotely can be a drawback. Luckily, Ethernet can be used for the transmission of data within any industry utilizing CAN products. Unfortunately, reconciling CAN and Ethernet has proven challenging in the past, with many connectivity gateways lacking reliability and ease—until the Ethercan Light HS.

Kvaser’s Ethercan is capable of automatically detecting and adjusting for either crossover or straight-through Ethernet cable connections. This easy-to-use Ethernet connectivity gateway also allows users to foster a more stable connection than traditional CAN-to-USB systems, making slight internet disruptions a non-issue for real-time data collection. The Ethercan Light HS also features:

  • High-speed CAN connection, up to 1 Megabit per second
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or through CAN devices like the T-Cannector v2
  • Factory reset button for returning to default setting for the Ethercan’s IP address
  • Full compatibility with J1939, CANopen, NME 2000R and DeviceNet
  • Light weight, compact, galvanically isolated shell

Kvaser's Ethercan in the Real World

In the time-sensitive world of shipping, Kvaser’s Ethercan Light HS is used to increase efficiency among equipment and personnel. In collaboration with Datamatics’ Neptuno TOS, a telemetry system that allows users to have an overview of all collected data within a shipping terminal, the Ethercan Light HS was used to provide real-time information to crane operators and foremen to better track all shipping container activity. This increased connectivity allows personnel to track crane specifics like fuel consumption, load weight and crane lift, with the goal of utilizing this real-time information to ensure proper crane functionality and prevent unexpected downtime.

Imagine a simple solution for CAN-to-Ethernet connectivity. Get started with simplifying your CAN-to-Ethernet system with the Ethercan HS Light. Learn more about product specifications and purchasing information here.

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