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  • Can I change the battery in my Memorator Professional?

    The battery in the Memorator Professional is used to keep track of the real time clock in the unit, and to make sure that the log files are correctly closed. It is automatically charged when the unit is used, but can get worn out after a couple of years.

    If you notice your Memorator Professional loses the clock settings, it is probably a battery problem. If it has been unused for years, it might help to leave it connected to the computer over night. If this doesn’t help, it is possible to change the battery, but please note that you have to open the unit, and thereby voiding warranty. Since we don’t expect batteries to get worn out for quite a few years it not a problem. If you have battery problem within the 2 years warranty time, we will of course replace the unit at no cost for you.

    Please contact us at [email protected] if you think you need a battery change.

  • Video: How to extract logged data without using a Memorator device

    This quick guide details how to extract data logged by a Kvaser Memorator datalogger, without using a Memorator device.

  • What type of file formats do the Memorator dataloggers extract to?

    The Memorator products store the raw CAN frames in a binary format. That data can be extracted, using the Memorator Tools, into several formats, including:  .kme, .csv, .asc, .dat, .log and plain text.

    Our goal is to support commonly used file formats for ease of use by the engineer.

  • What is the standard memory card size that ships with each Memorator?

    The table below shows the current size of the SD card included with the product. The table also indicates whether the SD card can be removed from the unit and if the included SD card meets the Industrial temperature range or not.

    card chart v1
  • Is the memory card in the Memorator R SemiPro removable?

    No, the 4GB storage component is soldered to the PCB.

  • Can I use normal SD cards in my Memorator or Memorator Professional?

    No, you can only use SD cards purchased through Kvaser.  The Memorator units require the SD card write cycles to meet certain timing requirements or a buffer overflow will occur.  We have found that these values change between SD card production runs.  Therefore, we can only guarantee SD cards purchased through Kvaser.

  • What file formats work for using the Memorator Professional HS/HS with ATI’s VISION software?

    Mat file, CSV file and Vector MFG Log files are compatible.

  • Can I extract data directly from my SD card?

    Yes.  Just do not remove the SD card while the Memorator Professional is powered on (indicated by the green power LED).  Removing the SD card while the unit is powered can lead to a corrupted card.

    You can place the SD card in a card reader or copy the KMF files from the SD card to your hard drive.  You then run the Memorator Tools and start the Connect wizard.  Check the “Use a device other than a Memorator Professional” checkbox and hit next. You will now have the option to connect to a card reader or the KMF files directly.  Once you complete the connection process, you can list the log files and run the conversion wizard like normal.

  • Is it possible to use a Memorator to playback a captured CAN data stream?

    The Memorator series of dataloggers does not have a built-in way to perform playback.

    In order to playback a stream of recorded CAN messages onto the bus, there are two options:

    1.  Extract the recorded data from the Memorator to a desired format.  Then write a software application using our CANlib SDK to play the messages back on the bus using the Memorator Professional or other Kvaser USB to CAN interface (see products).

    2. Kvaser also has several Technical Associates (TA’s) whose software supports playback.  This would mean:

    a) extracting the data from the Memorator to a format that the TA software supports, then

    b) running the TA software to play the data back on to the bus using the Memorator Professional or other Kvaser USB to CAN interface.

    TA software can be found on our “Associate Software” page:

    Use the filters on the right side of the screen to limit the number of applications to only “Bus Analyzers”.  Visit these software pages to confirm the playback feature.

  • Megabits to gigabits datalogging

    Kvaser’s Memorator data loggers are an ideal fit for those gathering megabits to gigabits of CAN data. The Kvaser Memorator’s support Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) and Secure Digital eXtended Capacity (SDXC) formats, the former offering between 4GB to 32GB, and the latter upwards of 32GB. Compared to a hard-drive, an SD card offers numerous advantages in terms of cost, performance (higher speed, smaller size and lower power consumption), and reliability (higher shock-resistance). These advantages become very tangible when recording data from the field – particularly in tough environments like heavy duty trucks and agricultural machinery.

  • Can I merge multiple log data which record at different time/date together into one log file.

    Yes, in Kvaser Memorator Config Tool, you could merge multiple log data record by selecting(highlight) the record that you need, then follow the regular steps to extract the data into the log file format you want.

    Noted: This feature only works with records that are coming from the original data file in the SD Card(.kmf) format.