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  • Does NXP’s FreeMASTER Support Kvaser hardware?

    Yes, FreeMASTER 2.0.7 has just been released on and it contains an early support of the Kvaser CAN interfaces. Support for Kvaser will continue to be developed; Kvaser LIN devices are not supported at this time of writing.

    About FreeMASTER:

    FreeMASTER is a user-friendly real-time debug monitor and data visualization tool that you can use for application development and information management. Supports non-intrusive monitoring of variables on a running system. You can display multiple variables changing over time on an oscilloscope-like display, or view the data in text form. As well, FreeMASTER supports additional capabilities and targets with an on-target driver for transmitting data from the target to the host computer.

    Ideal for automotive, industrial or consumer applications.

    More on FreeMASTER >>

  • What is CANlib?

    CANlib is the shorthand name for Kvaser’s CANlib Software Development Kit (SDK). It is also the name for the first library contained in CANlib SDK. CANlib is used to interact with Kvaser CAN devices connected to your computer and the CAN bus. At its core you have functions to set bus parameters (e.g. bit rate), go bus on/o and read/write CAN messages. You can also use CANlib to download and start t programs on supported devices. If you can see your device listed in the Kvaser Device Guide tool, it is connected and you can communicate with it through CANlib.

    The Kvaser CANlib SDK is available for free download.

  • Does Kvaser have ROS (Robotic Operating System) support?

    AutonomouStuff has created ROS (Robot Operating System) support for Kvaser interfaces using the Kvaser Linux driver. You can find the Kvaser ROS support package and dependency information here:

    If you still have questions, please contact AutonomouStuff support at: [email protected]

  • GEMAC’s CANvision now supports Kvaser interfaces

    GEMAC, a German manufacturer of fieldbus diagnostics devices, is supporting Kvaser CAN interfaces in the latest version of its CANvision protocol monitor, version The bus monitoring and decoding software, which handles CAN, CANopen, CANopen FD and SAE J1939 (including NMEA 2000® and ISOBUS) messages, supports Kvaser in interface mode only.

    For more information on CANvision, please visit or address questions to [email protected].

  • Does Kvaser CANlib SDK support J1939, CanOpen, NMEA2000, DeviceNET, UDS, etc.?

    The Kvaser CANlib SDK works at the raw CAN frame level.  This means the API  can be used to implement software that communicates using J1939, CanOpen, NMEA2000, DeviceNET, UDS, etc.  The implementation of these protocols is the responsibility of your application.