Warwick Releases Enhanced NMEA 2000® & SAE J1939 Features in X-Analyser

27/03/2020 by

Warwick Control is pleased to announce the latest release of the powerful tool X-Analyser.  In particular this release has enhanced features for NMEA 2000® and SAE J1939.

X-Analyser will allow you to view Parameter Group Number (PGN) packets and compare them to raw CAN data, decode the packets into fields and signals and even look for harness/connector problems shown in the CAN electrical signal.  PGN fields and signals databases are embedded in X-Analyser and can be shown as values, gauges or graphically.

On top of this, the advanced transmission features allow the user to enter the data for PGNs using high-level signals such as engine speed or ambient temperature, instead of having to work out the data field values.  This means that the user can simulate the network behaviour for:

  • A single PGN
  • An entire device
  • Or many devices on a network

In addition, there is the following enhancements to the tool:

  • NMEA 2000® Fast Packet Protocol support for both sending and receiving of NMEA 2000® messages
  • NMEA 2000® PGN and Signal Database updated
  • Signal Panel and Message Builder support for symbolic values

X-Analyser also supports CAN, LIN, CANopen and CAN FD protocols.  It supports all Kvaser CAN and LIN interfaces, and the PicoScope 2206b.

You can find out more on https://www.xanalyser.co.uk/ or by emailing [email protected] .


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