Kvaser: The Open Platform

Kvaser’s products can be more than just a CAN interface. They can be used for embedded systems, can be relied upon for complex applications and come in many form factors. Our products are your building blocks, and we want to make it easy for you to construct what you need.

In this aspect we are most proud of our CANlib SDK, Kvaser’s key to the world of CAN. CANlib is our free SDK, with a clear and concise API that makes creating custom applications to suit your needs easy. Just download, install and browse the included samples to find one in your preferred language.

We don’t think we ourselves could create every kind of application for CAN, but have instead chosen this open and collaborative approach to software. Some of those who build great tools on top of Kvaser products have become Kvaser’s Technical Associates. Do you want to join them and us in the Kvaser family? Contact us for more info.

Are you a Developer of systems, applications using Kvaser products or just using CAN? This is the place for you.

Easy Integration with CANlib SDK

The CANlib Software Development Kit includes documentation, libraries, code examples, and virtual drivers – everything you need to get started.


This benefits:

  • Developers who need to get up and running quickly.
  • Program managers who need to rely on tried and trusted resources.
  • Engineers new to CAN who are looking for guidance and proven solutions.

Universal API

Our advanced API is the same for all our devices. This means that when you write for one device, you write for all of them. No re-writing, versioning, or forking. One SDK for all CAN interfaces.


This benefits:

  • Teams using the same software but  different CAN interface types.
  • Production managers needing a consistent set of CAN tools from the test bench to production units.
  • Product managers who need flexibility to change CAN ports.

Backwards Compatible

Every new version of our CANlib API is backwards compatible with all Kvaser hardware. Take advantage of the latest features without compromising older products.


This benefits:

  • Legacy customers requiring  innovation and long product life  cycles at the same time.
  • Developers building multiple  generations of products.
  • Marketing managers looking to  extend existing product lines with  minimal cost.

Getting Started

How to Develop with Kvaser

kvaser canlib

Step 1 : Download Kvaser CANlib SDK

CANlib SDK is Kvaser’s free Software Development Kit. When you download CANlib, you’ll receive a complete set of documentation, examples, and tools for CAN and LINbus development.

Download CANlib SDK

Step 2 : Install “Virtual Channels” Included with CANlib

CANlib includes the ability to create “virtual” CAN channels. With these virtual channels, you can begin testing your software before you have a piece of real hardware.

You can also purchase hardware by contacting us at [email protected] While the Leaf Light v2 is our most popular interface, you can also search our full Product List here.

Step 3 : Become a Technical Associate

Do you have software going to market? Are you working with customers who need CAN hardware? The Technical Associate program is the place for you. By joining the Kvaser network, you receive access to technical information, product pre-releases, and special pricing.

Contact your closest Kvaser office (Sweden/China/USA) and we’d love to talk about your software.

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