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How to use Kvaser Virtual Device Channel and Bus

The purpose of this document is to show how to use the virtual devices created by Kvaser Drivers. We will cover Virtual Device, Virtual Channel and Virtual Bus. We will focus on the WINDOWS drivers, but some information can be used also for LINUX in appendix A. Here you will find information how to install, ... Read More

Get more from your hardware with Kvaser SDK libraries

Develop your own application that interacts with your Kvaser device using CANlib SDK libraries.

Improved API in Python canlib v1.5

In version 1.5 of the Python wrapper, a lot of improvements were made. Two new libraries were wrapped; LINlib, which holds the LIN bus API, and kvaDbLib which contains the Database API (and there will be some blog on how to use those in the future). The biggest change was however under the hood were ... Read More

Kvaser SDK migration from CAN CLASSIC to CAN FD

The purpose with this document is to show how to migrate from CAN CLASSIC to CAN FD. We will only cover what’s needed to change in your code if you have an existing project (based on Kvaser CANLib SDK). Of course, you can also use this text if you intend to start a new project. ... Read More

Database formatter in CanKing

In the latest version of CanKing (v6.6), a new DBC Formatter has been included. We will here take a look at this formatter and see how it can be used to show signal values in the output window of CanKing. We will be using the Kvaser Virtual CAN Driver, so no interface is needed to ... Read More