OEM/ODM Interfaces

Whether you’re looking for OEM (you tell us your problem, we design the solution) or ODM (you design the product, we develop it), Kvaser delivers expert, trusted solutions for the CAN industry.
With Kvaser ‘inside’, your brand is in safe hands.

Common OEM/ODM Products:

  • Re-label one of Kvaser’s off-the-shelf interfaces with your logo, part number, and more.
  • Implement a software “lock” so that this hardware only works with your software.
  • Use an off-the-shelf Kvaser interface as a platform, then customize features and design to meet your needs.

Common Applications:

  • Support Tools: Re-labeled Kvaser CAN interfaces pair perfectly with in-house diagnostic and troubleshooting software.
  • Systems Integration: Designing an industrial or medical system? Build in a Kvaser PCI CAN board with a custom EAN to ensure longevity and exclusivity for your solution.
  • Re-selling a Package: Ensure that customers are buying replacement parts from you by locking the CAN cables to your software tool.
  • Problem Solving: Struggling to get CAN data from WIP on an assembly line? Or from a vehicle fleet during maintenance? We can customize Kvaser’s wireless and logging abilities to fit you.

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Brands We’ve Worked With

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  • KONE

Why Choose Kvaser?

Kvaser is the CAN Expert

With almost 30 years of CAN development experience and more than 60 CAN-related products to our name, we are true experts and bring proven expertise to OEM customer’s projects. As one of the first companies to support the CAN ecosystem, Kvaser is committed to supporting new developments, such as CAN FD.

Development Time & Cost

Reduced development time and cost: We understand time to market pressures and the importance of cost control. Our skilled hardware and software team will save you development effort, time and cost by responding quickly to your requirements and developing optimised solutions to suit your schedule and budget.

Quality & Reliability

Kvaser has built a strong reputation. To our customers, we are renowned for quality and reliability in CAN. Whether a product has been created for a specific client or for Kvaser itself, we take pride in our ability to provide product supervision throughout its lifecycle.

Proven Expertise in Optimising CAN Solutions


obd ii

Danfoss, formerly known as Sauer-Danfoss, a designer and manufacturer of hydraulic and electronic systems for mobile applications, sought Kvaser’s help in developing its CG150 CAN interface, an element of its PLUS+1™ machine control development and service system. PLUS+1™ comprises various service tool building blocks that enable clients of Sauer-Danfoss to customise the service and diagnostics tool. Sauer-Danfoss made use of an OEM version of Kvaser’s CANlib SDK and Leaf interfaces on this occasion.

Commenting on the development process, Sauer-Danfoss’ engineering manager said:

“Due to the fact that all Kvaser hardware uses the same reliable Application Programming Interface, the work of integrating the Kvaser Leaf interfaces in Sauer-Danfoss has been very easy.”

He concluded:

“We have great confidence in the quality of Kvaser’s products, due to Kvaser’s deep knowledge and long experience in the field of CAN.”

Scania Trucks

automotive can bus

A leading manufacturer of heavy trucks and buses, Scania turned to Kvaser when it needed after-market tools for its worldwide service centres. The relationship began when Kvaser was commissioned to supply Scania’s VCI II after-market tools and we have since become a valued partner, supplying tailor-made CAN interfaces and dataloggers to Scania’s repair shops and production lines. We now supply the VCI III.

A Scania representative explained:

“We began working with Kvaser five years ago. We chose to work with Kvaser because they understand our technical requirements and are experts in their field, as we are in ours.”