RA Consulting GmbH

The Best Automotive Software Solutions... RA Consulting GmbH of Germany (RAC) has been in business for over 25 years and is known in the development departments of auto manufacturers as well as hundreds of their tier one suppliers and development partners. Long lasting products and solutions, focused on their needs, are the reason for this success.

RA Consulting’s 3 Business Units: 

Our three business units are Automotive, Software Technology and Embedded Systems, and work perfectly together to put comprehensive knowledge into solutions for automotive and non-automotive customers alike. 


The main activities in our Automotive business unit include solutions for control unit diagnostics, measurement and calibration. Our diagnostic solutions have more than 20,000 users, with our well-known product names Silver Scan-Tool and DiagRA D, the diagnostics part of the DiagRA MCD Toolset. Silver Scan-Tool and DiagRA MCD Toolset support the Kvaser CAN products. 


Silver Scan-Tool is specialized on OBDII /EOBD and HD-OBD diagnostics. Both tools, Silver Scan-Tool and DiagRA D, contain functions to support the SAE J1699-3 OBDII Compliance test cases tool. Also the WWH-OBD (World Wide Harmonized – Onboard Diagnostics) after ISO 27145 is fully supported. The goal of the standard WWH-OBD is to replace the regional standards of vehicle onboard diagnostics with a global standard.


The DiagRA MCD Toolset is an applications and diagnostics tool-box for electronic control units in the automotive industry. It comprises of a set of three software options: DiagRA M, DiagRA C and DiagRA D where M stands for Measurement, C for Calibration and D for Diagnostics. 


Our Software Technology unit delivers solutions for data management and analysis and has very profound database know-how. RAC was one of the first Oracle partners in Germany, and remains an Oracle Gold Partner. The merging of automotive and software/database technology is a positive for our customers, as automotive issues can be intermixed with data management solutions. 


Embedded Systems take advantage of software solutions for embedded devices like telematic devices that have to read-out automotive data from a vehicle and transfer it to a web server, where the data will be analysed and stored in a database. Your company will profit from all-embracing knowledge available inside of one company. 


In Closing... RAC tools support a wide range of communication interfaces, including SAE J2534 compatible devices, K-Line, CAN and FlexRay, Bluetooth and WLAN devices. 


The challenge to develop and maintain the blending of standards and customer driven software tools is the focus of RAC...that is our mission. 


Right Solution - Right Place - Right Time -Right Price



DiagRA D

Advantages:Clear ECU diagnostics for developersECU communication without complex hardware requirementsSimple, intuitive handlingExtensive context sensitive assistanceCompatible with DiagRA® M and DiagRA® C for measuring and calibration

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DiagRA M Advantages:Powerful, flexible, adaptable and storable user interfaceMinimum hardware requirementsClear and intuitive operationsFast and simple configurationInteraction with DiagRA® D and DiagRA® C for the…

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Silver Scan-Tool

Based on an open source (GPL) DOS tool we offer a Windows interface for the test sequences of the SAE J1699-3 OBDII Compliance test Cases…

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The tool itself contains two different sessions Automatic and Analysis:When in Automatic modus, the tool is able to perform predefined routines and tasks, like e.g.…

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