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Setting Up CANlib for Visual Studio


This is the first post in a 3-part series about CANlib development: Setting up CANlib in Visual Studio Basic API Calls… Read More

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The CAN handle vs channel number


When writing “Was that the CANlib channel number or Card Number?“, I got a comment asking for clarification about the… Read More

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Examining logged data with kvmlib and Python


This blog uses now deprecated functions, see blog “Improved API in Python canlib v1.5” for more information. Today we take a look… Read More

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Was that the CANlib channel number or Card Number?


When interacting with CANlib, many functions need a handle to a channel. This channel is often referred to as the… Read More

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Getting Started with t Programming


The new Kvaser Pro products have script feature called t. The t language is a ‘c like’, event oriented language.… Read More

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