Elektrobit Automotive GmbH

Elektrobit (EB) is an award-winning and visionary global supplier of embedded and connected software products and services for the automotive industry. A leader in automotive software with over 30 years serving the industry, EB’s software powers over one billion devices in more than 100 million vehicles and offers flexible, innovative solutions for car infrastructure software, connectivity & security, automated driving and related tools, and user experience. EB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental.



EB Assist ADTF 3

A tool for efficient development, visualization, testing, and validation of ADAS and automated driving functions.

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EB Assist CAR Box

An automotive-grade PC systems for logging sensor data and replaying them in a simulated environment in-the-loop.

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EB Assist Bus Tools

A modular I/O slot cards, I/O interface modules, and bus simulation tools.

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EB Assist Busmirror

A tool to configure and generate ECU rest bus simulation.

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Upcoming events

  • 13 June, 2023 - 15 June, 2023 Messe Stuttgart

    Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2023

    Automotive Testing Expo is the world’s leading international expo for every aspect of automotive testing, development and validation technologies, taking place every year in Detroit, Shanghai and Stuttgart. In Europe, as elsewhere, it is the leading event for the technologies ... Read More


Join the joint webinar on CAN DAQ for ADAS

Kvaser and Elektrobit are joining forces for a webinar on 21st June that discusses how Elektrobit’s integrated toolchain provides optimized CAN data acquisition for ADAS environments in virtual, real-time, remote and logging scenarios. Elektrobit’s ADTF ADAS development environment fully supports Kvaser’s CAN interface range. Register Now




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