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Kvaser’s Software Release: May 2019

May 15, 2019 - Kvaser's latest software release includes a variety of bug fixes and updates for the Kvaser CANlib SDK, J2534 driver, and general product support. For the full release notes, click here. All files are available for download now on the Kvaser Downloads page.

Kvaser’s March 2019 Software Release

Kvaser's latest software release supports soon-to-be released products, adds programmability to the Kvaser Blackbird v2 and expands Kvaser’s J2534 resources. Notable changes and additions include: Kvaser Memorator Config Tool: The converter within the Kvaser Memorator Config Tool now handles DLC mismatches, resulting in easier identification of DBC files that do not match observed data for ... Read More

Kvaser Software Release November 2018: Clarification of documentation

Kvaser’s latest software release clarifies existing documentation and adds new materials. Notable changes and additions include: Kvaser Linux driver and SDK (canlib): This version includes the new GCC 8 compiler for the GNU OS. The compiler for old GCC versions 4.3 and 4.6 remains within CANlib. Also, the listChannels example is now provided in the ... Read More

Kvaser Software Release September 2018: Continued Python and Linux updates

Kvaser’s latest software release continues to expand Kvaser’s Python and Linux resources. Notable changes and additions include: Python canlib package (pycanlib): Continuous improvements and additions, such as event count estimation, script status and an API to access information about reader formats. Kvaser Driver for Windows SDK (kvlclib): Adds an API to access information about reader formats ... Read More

Kvaser Software Release May 2018: Python, CanKing Formatters Updates, 64-bit DIAdem

Kvaser’s latest software release includes yet more improvements to Kvaser’s Python resources. The restructuring work that was started in version 1.5 of the Python wrapper has now been completed (mainly kvrlib and kvmlib), resulting in code that is easier to maintain and use. This update also marks a continuation of Kvaser’s provision for DBC files, ... Read More

Kvaser Software Release September 2017: Local Timestamp and Multiple Triggers Added

Kvaser has added local timestamp, multiple triggers, and a new timezone setting in the Converter library within Kvaser CANlib SDK.

Kvaser Software Release May 2017: Linux & Android Support

The Kvaser Canlib Android Library is now available for a select range of Kvaser devices, including the Kvaser USBcan Pro 5xHS, Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 and Kvaser Memorator 2xHS v2 and Pro variant. A virtual driver has also been added, allowing users to begin development before acquiring the Kvaser hardware. Note: Our Android development ... Read More