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Zuragon is capturing and analyzing synchronous ADAS data

Zuragon now offers a wide range of car and truck OEM data capture solutions.

Kvaser Leaf interfaces sync CAN log files in Kollmorgen’s automated test rigs

Kvaser’s technical associate, rt-labs, helped Kollmorgen build an automated test system for regression testing of their AGV control systems using Kvaser Leaf interfaces to sync CAN log files.

Easing information transfer from CANopen to IEC 61131-3

Heikki Saha, from Kvaser’s Technical Associate TK Engineering Oy, wants to improve information transfer in the automation industry. The concept of using standardized file formats during the system design process is not new, but there’s much work to do before it becomes a reality across the board …

Kvaser’s PCI Canx modules prove their power in heavy machinery simulation

Oryx, a Kvaser customer that builds simulators for applications as wide ranging as excavation, mining, forestry harvesting and container handling, uses one or more Kvaser’s PCI Canx cards within the simulation computer of each machine …

Memorator provides ‘black box’ capability in the mining industry

Atlas Copco uses Kvaser’s Memorator to help troubleshoot a prototype 10-tonne underground loader for the drilling and mining industry, one of the toughest environments for people and machinery on Earth.