Finnish partner, TK Engineering, turns 20

26/10/2023 by Kvaser

TK Engineering Oy (TKE), a Kvaser partner since it was founded 20 years ago, is a great example of the CAN knowledge and experience at the heart of our partner network. Started with the goal of becoming one of the best sources of CAN expertise in Europe, TKE built its expertise in Finland’s mobile machine market, gaining experience in marine, public transportation, material handling and defence as its customer base gradually widened to the rest of Europe and the US.

In 20 years, the projects that TKE’s design expertise is sought for have changed considerably. Timo Kesti, TKE’s CEO explains: “Mobile machines have become more intelligent, not only in terms of operation but also in ‘real-time connection’, so digitalisation has become more important. Customers may now be involved in projects related to more advanced technologies. Also, projects covering the entire control system have become typical, instead of plain stack delivery or software component delivery.”

Heikki Saha, CTO, attributes the company’s success to ‘our multidisciplinary expertise’ and ‘daring to cross traditional boundaries between different fields of technology’, there’s also trust that has been built over time and experience. “Through long-term projects and loyal customer relationships, we have been able to produce the best solutions for the customer and with this we have grown together.”

The future is now
TKE now lists broad competences such as machine control systems, functional safety, CANopen, J1939, transmission line physics, HAL, protocol stacks and APIs, and application development. New network technologies have become a focus, including Modbus RTU/UDP, DDS (data distribution service) and remote connectivity in all its guises.

However, CAN technology remains TKE’s core. “Although newer communication technologies have emerged, CAN technology continues to thrive and evolve to meet the demands of modern businesses. Its adaptability and reliability make it a valuable choice for a wide range of applications,” says Kesti.

Looking to the future, TKE recognises that the best results come from combining technological expertise, hands-on experience, and a genuine desire to help. Concludes Kesti: “The company and I personally look forward to continuing to help customers with their product connectivity. Our common goal is to make sure they are ready to go – focused, equipped, prepared.”

TKE_team kopiera 1200x1386px

TKE has come a long way from hiring its first employee to growing an entire team of CAN experts.

Meet TKE at Teknologia 23
TKE is exhibiting its control systems expertise at Teknologia 23 in Helsinki, Finland between 7th-9th November 2023.

Visitors will meet TKE staff and see TKE’s CAN tools and Kvaser products. In addition, two demonstrators will show ‘intelligent and always connected’ mobile machines. TKE’s demo rover integrates a complete CAN system and receives data wirelessly using the Kvaser Airbridge and Kvaser Blackbird. Their TKE 4edge hydraulics control valve driver display demonstrates a system approach using the CANopen API for individual metering control valves. The latter is based on the CiA-408 device profile.


Canedudev supplied TKE’s demo rover, which integrates a complete CAN system and demonstrates TKE’s control system expertise.


Teknologia 23
November 7 – November 9 , 2023
Teknologia 23 – the major international technology and industry event – offers innovations, solutions and new products. Teknologia offers over a hundred presentations, keynote speakers, panel discussions, seminars and possibilities to network…