Kvaser Software Release May 2018: Python, CanKing Formatters Updates, 64-bit DIAdem

31/05/2018 by Kvaser

Kvaser’s latest software release includes yet more improvements to Kvaser’s Python resources. The restructuring work that was started in version 1.5 of the Python wrapper has now been completed (mainly kvrlib and kvmlib), resulting in code that is easier to maintain and use. This update also marks a continuation of Kvaser’s provision for DBC files, adding multiplexed signal support in the DBC formatter and a new J1939 formatter in CanKing V6.7.

  • SDK (kvrlib): Some calls within the SDK will now return a more detailed error code.
  • SDK (canlib): A bug fix when using the canOPEN_NO_INIT_ACCESS flag that ensures no default settings will be applied at buson.
  • Type fixes to the integers used for Cardinal to match the DLL will be good news to Pascal users.
  • Meanwhile, a new compiled script file (.txe) information retrieval function helps t program users to browse .txe files from CANlib. Notably, the latest t compiler is V3.8.
  • canReadTimer is now obsolete (under certain circumstances, it produced incorrect data). Please use kvReadTimer or kvReadTimer64 instead.
  • SDK (kvadblib): New functions have been added to handle enum-attributes.
  • Linux driver and SDK: Users can get more version information out of CANlib, through Linux.
  • Blackbird and Ethercan Firmware: Kvaser’s REST API supports version 2.0 of the specification. This includes transferring compiled t programs, starting and stopping programs and also communicating via t program envvar. For more information, click here.
  • Kvaser Memorator Tools (old configuration tool): The latest version (V4.12.483) fixes a bug introduced in V4.10.241 involving message identifiers for filters.
  • A 64-bit version of the DIAdem driver is now included in the DIAdem driver download.


NOTE: This is the first release in which Windows XP is not supported. If you are working with Windows XP, you should use CANlib V5.22 or previous versions.

For the full release notes, click here.

All files are available for download now on the Kvaser Downloads page.