ATI’s Tools Build World’s First High Performance Diesel Marine Outboard Engine

20/11/2014 by Kvaser


ATI Sweden AB customer Cimco Marine Diesel AB is set to launch the world’s first high performance, high efficiency marine outboard diesel engine, the OXE, at the METS Trade exhibition show, at 10.30am on the 18th November 2014.

Cimco’s patented design for the OXE embodies a robust belt propulsor unit that eliminates bevel gears and transfer shafts by utilizing innovative, compact belt technology to efficiently transfer the drive of a horizontally mounted marinized automotive common-rail diesel engine to an outboard propellor.

This results in a slim submerged outboard module which produces less drag, reduces fuel consumption and increases vessel speed, while the OXE’s proven automotive common rail diesel unit delivers reliability, strength, endurance and low emissions.

Throughout the project Cimco Marine Diesel AB has relied on a tool chain supplied by ATI Sweden AB, which has leveraged its vast automotive electronic expertise to the benefit of the OXE Diesel program by providing Cimco with a suite of hardware and software to fast track development.

ATI products used by CIMCO on the OXE program include VISION ECU calibration and data acquisition software, CSM data acquisition hardware, and Kvaser’s USBcan Pro and Memorator Pro interfaces and data loggers for CAN analysis.

“We are particularly pleased that CIMCO is launching the OXE outboard marine diesel at the METS expo,” says Martin Sventén of ATI Sweden AB. “It not only demonstrates that Swedish businesses can produce state of the art, industry leading powertrain designs, it also showcases perfectly how ATI’s software and hardware toolchain can fast track product development in a marine sector that has important growth potential for the future.”

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